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The technologies collected in the IMEX Lab evidence an innate human desire to tell each other rich, meaningful stories in ways that captivate an audience. Discover how leaders in the fields of VR-aided design, 360º filmmaking, AR placemaking and more are pushing the envelope in their disciplines – and imagine how their stories can inform the ones you tell through your teaching.

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Marketplace Literacy Project

Marketplace Literacy Project​: Setting the SceneFounded by Dr Madhu Viswanathan, the Market Place Literacy Project "aims to engender knowledge and skills, self-confidence and awareness of rights" in its participants. These principles are being taught through 360º...

Dinaledi Chamber

Dinaledi Chamber: Dropping in on Distant Ancestors China Plus profiles the collaboration between the University of Witwatersrand and Perot Museum of Nature and Science that led to their Dinaledi Chamber VR app. The free download allows users to embark on a...


Catalyst: Imagined Excursions, Real World Recoveries Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC)’s Science program, Catalyst visits a fitness center where VR headsets and joysticks are every bit as impactful as the free weights and treadmills. Dr Jordan Nguyen...


BBC: Media Beyond the Screen The BBC, venerable news organization and purveyor of countless visionary documentaries and educational films via traditional formats, is exploring the potential for creating meaningful media in augmented reality. Leveraging...

University of Kent

University of Kent: Unlocking Memories with VR Reuters reports on groundbreaking research conducted in the UK between the University of Kent and St Andrew's Healthcare in which eight patients living with dementia were presented with a series of virtual...

Al Jazeera Contrast

Al Jazeera Contrast: New Stories, New Voices Launched in 2017, Contrast is a bold experiment in storytelling that brings Al Jazeera's signature focus on the lives of those in underreported global locales to the burgeoning world of immersive media. Not...

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