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Welcome to The Lab

The Immersive Experiences Lab in 109 ASI at University Park is a space backed by Media Commons that builds on best practices and workflows – developed over many years – which streamline creating meaningful multimedia experiences. The Lab provides a space for students, faculty, and staff across all disciplines to explore 360° Video, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality technology.

The Lab is future-thinking space, positioned to follow the trends of the emerging immersive media market. As lessons learned in this space are accumulated they will be evaluated and iterated upon with an eye towards rapid implementation at scale across all Media Commons spaces in the Commonwealth. Where there is interest, we look to partner with faculty, staff and students in this ongoing exploration.

Space to Explore

The Pinwheel Theater allows for exploration of immersive content in a safe, comfortable setting. Swiveling chairs let you move in 360º without worry of where you are wandering and the clustered design makes for easy guidance of groups with tailored software for curating content.

See more about tailored furniture and displays that maximize viewing.

Student viewing image credit Adrian Barragan

Tools to Create

IMEX Lab offers the use of several 360º video cameras kits, all of which allow for recording your own experiences in an immersive fashion. After recording, high end editing stations pre-loaded with specialized software make polishing your project a straight forward process.

Discover specs and how-tos for our pool of cameras.

Room with a View

The Lab has on offer a variety of easy to use headsets that make diving into immersive content a snap. While the team is always bringing in the latest in individual viewing devices, there is also a large, curved display for those times when exploring becomes a group experience, too.

Explore details and helpful tutorials for our collection of headsets.

A Guided Tour

You won’t have to go it alone in IMEX Lab since friendly staff is always on hand to assist in using the technology and making the most of engaging with content. Consultants are available to lead formal workshops, informal editing sessions or just to give a quick tour of the space.

Visit Media Commons to meet the team who brings IMEX to you.

I like what I’m seeing. Now what?

Those interested in learning more about the Immersive Experiences Lab should get in touch to
request a workshop, contact us to schedule a visit or make an appointment. We look forward to seeing you.