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The Immersive Experiences (IMEX) Lab offers both a space designed specifically for creation and viewing of emergent new forms of content as well as a staff of experts to help guide exploration of the technologies in and out of the classroom.

IMEX Lab is located in 109 Ag Sci & Industries Building and is a part of the Media Commons, which is provided by Teaching and Learning with Technology, a department of Penn State University Libraries.

What are Immersive Experiences, anyway?

Immersive Experiences technology allows for faculty and students to engage with academic media and content in exciting, and sometimes intimidating, new ways. There is a universe of possibilities when it comes to this emerging technology and many ways that users can experience and interact with content made just for these platforms. But what are the different types of immersive experiences? At IMEX Lab, we are exploring three in particular: 360º video, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).


IMEX Lab in 109 Ag Sci & Industries building, employs full-time and part-time staff who are highly trained on the tools and techniques needed to maximize the exploration and creation of 360º, VR and AR content. Through Media Commons consultants, IMEX resources are also made available to the entire Commonwealth campus community.


IMEX Lab offers the latest in hardware and software for exploring 360º, VR and AR content, all free of charge. The lab operates under the Media Commons service model with consultants and reservation systems. Students can reserve space using our appointment request form. Instructors can schedule workshops using the workshop request form.