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Immersive Headset Pilot

Pilot Goals

  1. Make immersive experiences a viable option for any applicable course at all Penn State campuses.
  2. Ensure availability of immersive headsets at all engaged locations.
  3. Develop and deploy immersive experience consumption-friendly spaces at our campus installations.
  4. Offer support for immersive experience-based activities for faculty and students.

Is the Immersive Headset Pilot right for me?

Immersive headsets are particularly useful when students will be:

  • engaging with longer form or information-rich 360º video
  • interacting with complex virtual worlds
  • creating within a virtual reality tool (such as Tilt Brush)
  • working within a class activity that can be completed individually or in pairs

Immersive Headset Pilot devices (Oculus Quest 2) are not the best option when:

  • students will be working in limited classroom time or on a tight schedule*
  • students are working in larger groups 
  • students will be using apps that allow access to profile information*

* Oculus Quest 2 headsets require individual Facebook accounts, in most cases

To ensure you have a successful experience, our team recommends:

  • letting students know early-on that they will be using Immersive Headset Pilot devices for class activities
  • polling students early to find out who will need additional accommodation for creating necessary individual accounts
  • scheduling training sessions with students (the set up and operation of devices is pretty simple but may be new to students)

About Pilot Devices


As of the start of the Immersive Headset Pilot the device pool consists of Oculus Quest 2 headsets. These are standalone headsets that do not require a connection to a high end PC to offer virtual reality experiences with advanced, immersive features like motion tracking.

While useful for virtual reality apps, the Oculus Quest 2 also offers a superior 360º video viewing experience for users. With a high resolution display and built in speakers, YouTube VR and other video app content looks and sounds rich and lifelike, upping immersion for viewers.

We have enough devices for small and medium classes that are available to loan during the semester.

Oculus Quest 2


The software load will change depending on project needs and our team will work with you to determine which apps (and what content within these apps) are best fits for your educational goals.
Paid apps may require additional planning for distribution owing to Facebook account restrictions.


Contact Us

We’re here to help! If you have questions about one of our Immersive Headset Pilot devices while working with a class activity, shoot us an email at mediacommons@psu.edu or call us at 866-266-7496.

Summer + Fall 2022 Pilot Now Open

The Immersive Headset Pilot is accepting applications to join its cohort of faculty participants. We would love to hear your ideas for ways to engage your students with immersive content and our Oculus Quest 2 devices. Please take a few moments to complete the Form for Submissions where you can let us know the details of what you’d like to accomplish. We’ll get back in touch to help clarify the specifics and determine if our pilot is a good fit for your goals. We look forward to seeing your application.

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