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Featured Experience: VirtualSpeech

App Name: VirtualSpeech
Learning Areas: Interpersonal Communications, Interviewing, Public Speaking
Technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Meta Quest Headset, Virtual Reality

Featured Experience: Molecule Builder

App Name: Molecule Builder
Learning Areas: Chemistry, Molecular Geometry, Polarity
Technologies: Meta Quest Headset, Virtual Reality

Featured Experience: Wander

App Name: Wander
Learning Areas: Geography, Landscape Art, Place-Based Activity
Technologies: Google Street View, Meta Quest Headset, Virtual Reality

About VR Experiences

Virtual Reality (VR) takes the viewer inside a wholly created world. This environment may draw directly from or be inspired by experiences in the real world, but does not, by definition, need to do so. A simple VR experience may only place the view inside a constructed space and let them observe. More advanced VR content allows the viewer to interact with and manipulate the environment around them, including some combination of moving objects, talking with simulated characters, building new items in 3D space and much more.

VR Environment

More About This Resource

The Experience Catalog is an ongoing, collaborative project between Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) and the Virtual and Augmented Reality (VAR) Lab at Penn State Behrend. This resource is free to browse for the general public and both TLT and VAR Lab welcome others within the University community who want to partner to further develop the Catalog.

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Bringing VR Experiences to Class

Whether using it as part of an in-class activity or having your students access Experience Catalog items on their own to enhance their understanding of course topics, these tips should help you make the most our resources and ensure a smooth interaction.

Curious About VR Spaces?

The Emerging Technologies team in Creative Learning Initiatives recently held a virtual reality spaces-focused showcase that highlights some of the apps included in this Experience Catalog – and they recorded it for anyone to review.

Learn More About the Showcase