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Production Case Studies

Thinking of adding a 360º video project to your classroom but not sure where to begin? Get inspiration from Penn State faculty teaching with immersive media in a variety of areas of study – all across the Commonwealth. Each case study features examples of outcomes, grading rubrics, targeted skills and more so that you can pick and choose elements to add into your own courses.

MATH 230

Visualizing Complex Equations

MERGE Cubes + 3D Prints

Project in Brief

Course: MATH 230

Instructor: Lin Kuei-Nuan

Number of Students: 17

Semester: Fall 2019

Duration of Assignment: 16 Weeks

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RTE 303

Rail Transportation Safety Experiences


Project in Brief

Course: RTE 303

Instructor: Bryan Schlake

Number of Students: 6, 7

Semester: Fall 2017, Fall 2018

Duration of Assignment: 15 Weeks

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AEE 349

Mechanical & Lab Instruction


Project in Brief

Course: AEE 349

Instructor: Daniel & Melanie Foster

Number of Students: 24

Semester: Spring 2017

Duration of Assignment: 12 Weeks

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