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Dar es-Salaam • Kilimanjaro • Zanzibar

Virtual field trips offer a unique opportunity to explore the world by leveraging immersive technologies to bring the viewers that much closer to the people and places of focus. In this IMEX[cursion], we set our sights on Tanzania, home of Africa’s tallest mountain and fastest growing city.

360º Video Experiences

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Agriculture + Environment

Tanzania can be divided into four principal climactic and topographic areas: the hot and humid coastal lowlands of the Indian Ocean shoreline, the hot and arid zone of the broad central plateau, the high inland mountain and lake region of the northern border, where Mount Kilimanjaro is situated, and the highlands of the northeast and southwest, the climates of which range from tropical to temperate. [Encyclopedia Britannica]

Modern Society

According to most reputable surveys, Tanzania’s population includes more than 120 different indigenous African peoples, most of whom are today clustered into larger groupings. Because of the effects of rural-to-urban migration, modernization, and politicization, some of the smallest ethnic groups are gradually disappearing. [Encyclopedia Britannica]

Art + Culture

Today Tanzania’s multiethnic and multiracial population practices a variety of traditions and customs that form a rich cultural heritage. A number of unique features located throughout the country have been recognized as UNESCO World Heritage sites for their cultural and natural value [Encyclopedia Britannica]

Atangaye na jua hujuwa.

One who wanders a lot, learns a lot.

Augmented Reality Experiences

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Sculpture from Zanzibar

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Elephant Skull and Bones

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Arusha Monument

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Handaxe, Olduvai, Tanzania

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Wildebeest Run

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Antimalarial Drug Precursor

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