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Assignment Consultation

Our consultants will work with you to turn your assignment idea into a training plan and deliverables that ensure learning outcomes are met.

In-Class Workshops

Whether in our teaching lab, your classroom, online – or some combination thereof, we ensure student familiarity with needed tools and techniques.

Availability of Tools

The right hardware and software can make all the difference in completing a variety of projects. Our team ensures access across the Commonwealth.

Assessment Assistance

We aim to make grading assignments simple and effective with a sample rubric developed with instructors and strong partnerships with IDs and librarians.

Student Support

Our just-in-time resources provide access to 1:1 help via hotline and self-serve learning via tutorials and interactive modules – all to ensure student success.

…and Much More

We also offer multimedia storytelling at our Media Commons or 3D printing/scanning and rapid prototyping projects via the Maker Commons.

Ask CLIve

Creative Learning Initiatives (CLI) supports creators through the Media Commons, IMEX Lab and Maker Commons. Our CLIve chatbot leverages artificial intelligence to help you create amazing assignments that engage your students with everything immersive.

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How can Immersive Experiences enrich learning?

If you could get out of the same four walls with your classes, where would you go? Immersive technologies – 360º video, augmented reality and virtual reality – make it possible to experience the things you teach about in new and engaging ways. From virtual field trips to all corners of the globe to first hand views of history to up close interactions with the microscopic, these materials present opportunities to surprise students – and impart lasting impressions.

How can IMEX Lab help with your teaching?

The Immersive Experiences (IMEX) Lab leverages a decade of Media Commons expertise in enhancing the classroom experience by encouraging students to look at the world in new ways. Whether by helping to identify the best of 360º and VR content, designing immersive assignments for your students, teaching best practices for the creation of projects – and providing just-in-time support for all of the afore-mentioned, our resources can help you jumpstart your efforts.

Immersive at Work: How are these Technologies Applied?

Get Inspired

Discover how leaders in the fields of VR-aided design, 360º filmmaking, AR placemaking and more are pushing the envelope in their disciplines – and imagine how their stories can inform the ones you tell through your teaching.

Mobile Media Program

The Mobile Media Program has been putting iPad-based media production kits in the hands of students since 2014. With the latest hardware’s powerful new capabilities, this opportunity now supports both traditional video and audio creation but also augmented reality, robotics and more.

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Learn from Your Peers: Examples from the Classroom

Viewing Activities + Case Studies

Thinking of adding a media project to your classroom but not sure where to begin? Get inspiration from Penn State faculty all across the Commonwealth. Activity examples and case studies feature examples of outcomes, grading rubrics and more so that you can choose elements to add to your course.

Virtual + Augmented Reality in Online Courses

The latest research shows that Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality expand opportunities in online courses. Students report improved learning, and they have fun. Discover resources from the VR AR Research Group, part of the Faculty Engagement Subcommittee of the Penn State Online Coordinating Council.

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Get Started: Materials for Your Courses

Getting the Most Out of the Experience Catalog

Whether using it as part of an in-class activity or having your students access Experience Catalogue items on their own to enhance their understanding of course topics, these tips should help you make the most our resources and ensure a smooth interaction.


Need a little help with a project you’ve assigned or activity your students have embarked upon? These resources should fit the bill.

Pilots, Projects + Programs

Want to take part in the latest offerings from Media Commons? Find out more about our pilots, projects and programs.

Get Support: Available Faculty Services

In-Class Workshops + Labs

If you are assigning an immersive video creation project in your course, we can conduct an in-class workshop in our instructional computer lab to get your students up-to-speed on the required software quickly.

For University Park courses, we also offer the use of our lab for classes to work on their assignments during a class period. These allow for both yourself and an IMEX consultant to be available for students to answer any questions or give advice on the progress of their projects.

Dan Teaching
IMEX consultants and instructional designers can work with you to design assignments that are effective, engaging and work within your timeframe. We can also provide resources such as sample rubrics.
Consultants will work with you one-on-one to learn the multimedia software you need for your projects. We can teach you the basics quickly so you can start immediately or spend time with you learning software in-depth.
Send your students to IMEX individually or in groups to get support at any time during the course of completing their immersive video projects.

Contact IMEX prior to sending large groups of students our way – and as early in the semester as possible. The more in advance we know, the better the assistance we can provide.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re all set to deploy a an immersive experience in your classroom
– or just want to talk with a consultant – please get in touch.