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Wrench: Engine Building Demo


Wrench: Engine Building Demo is a free demo for Rift users. Players will work through assembling an inline four cylinder engine. This demo is a small slice of Wrench, a much larger game

What Works Well

This is a highly interactive simulation that shows the possibility that virtual reality has for hands on training. 


  • Engineering
  • Physical Sciences & Mathematics


engineering, mechanical science, physics, training


Missing Digit

Level of Interactivity

What does this mean?

The Level of Interactivity indicates how many interactive features an experience has.

For instance, a Level 1 would be a more passive experience where you will be able to look around freely, but you will not be triggering or interacting with things in the environment.  A Level 2 will provide some level of interactivity but only very basically, such as being able to move between different scenes in the experience. A Level 3 will start to incorporate some more complex interactions using a remote or controller to trigger things within the scenes. A Level 4 would be a fully interactive experience but something you are still guided through. Finally, a Level 5 would be a fully interactive experience that gives you complete control of how to use it.


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