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The Body VR


The Body VR is an educational virtual reality experience that takes the user inside the human body. Travel through the bloodstream and discover how blood cells work to spread oxygen throughout the body. Enter one of the billions of living cells inside our body and learn how the organelles work together to fight deadly viruses.

What Works Well

This is an introductory level experience that will show the potential that virtual reality has in the medical field.


  • Biological (Life) Sciences
  • Health Professions


anatomy, biology, body systems, educational media, health, human development, medicine, nursing


Moshe Ben-Zacharia

Published by The Body VR LLC

Level of Interactivity

What does this mean?
The Level of Interactivity indicates how many interactive features an experience has.

For instance, a Level 1 would be a more passive experience where you will be able to look around freely, but you will not be triggering or interacting with things in the environment.  A Level 2 will provide some level of interactivity but only very basically, such as being able to move between different scenes in the experience. A Level 3 will start to incorporate some more complex interactions using a remote or controller to trigger things within the scenes. A Level 4 would be a fully interactive experience but something you are still guided through. Finally, a Level 5 would be a fully interactive experience that gives you complete control of how to use it.


Oculus Go

Oculus Rift