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Spot the Surveillance: A VR Experience for Keeping an Eye on Big Brother


Spot the Surveillance is a virtual reality (VR) experience that teaches people how to identify the various spying technologies that police may deploy in communities.

The user is placed in a 360-degree scene in the Western Addition neighborhood of San Francisco, where a young resident is in the middle of a police encounter. By looking up, down and all around, you must identify a variety of surveillance technologies in the environment, including a body-worn camera, automated license plate readers, a drone, a mobile biometric device and pan-tilt-zoom cameras.

What Works Well

This virtual reality experience allows the viewer to observe a true life street scene where many different forms of surveillance technologies are overtly and covertly being used by law enforcement.


  • Education
  • Social Sciences


administration of justice, america, criminology, cultural awareness, informal learning, police state, privacy, surveillance


Electronic Frontier Foundation

Level of Interactivity

What does this mean?
The Level of Interactivity indicates how many interactive features an experience has.

For instance, a Level 1 would be a more passive experience where you will be able to look around freely, but you will not be triggering or interacting with things in the environment.  A Level 2 will provide some level of interactivity but only very basically, such as being able to move between different scenes in the experience. A Level 3 will start to incorporate some more complex interactions using a remote or controller to trigger things within the scenes. A Level 4 would be a fully interactive experience but something you are still guided through. Finally, a Level 5 would be a fully interactive experience that gives you complete control of how to use it.


for Oculus Go, HTC Vive, desktop WebVR browsers, etc