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Measure (iOS)


The Measure app uses augmented reality (AR) technology to turn your device into a tape measure. You can gauge the size of objects, automatically detect the dimensions of rectangular objects, and save a photo of the measurement.

What Works Well

Measuring objects in real life is made easy using the Measure app from Apple – simply point your camera at anything in your space and find out its exact dimensions.


  • Architecture & Environmental Design
  • Physical Sciences & Mathematics


building, construction, contracting, design developer, informal learning, interior, measure, utility





Level of Integration

Guidance Level 4
What does this mean?

The Level of Integration indicates how much the developer has connected the AR app with the real world environment.

For instance, a Level 1 AR app would bring a pre-created object or projection into the viewer’s space. A Level 2 AR app might incorporate a connection between object and physical surroundings, such as anchoring to a particular plane or surface. A Level 3 AR app would rely on several connections to the surroundings, including functional awareness of conditions in the space. A Level 4 AR app would employ increased awareness of conditions and real-time mapping of content onto the physical environment. And a Level 5 AR app would employ all of the above and allow for sophisticated real-time integration of real world and generated content.


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