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Prepare for a new twist on educational cell visualization! Use this app to spin, rotate, and view a variety of different cells. Explore the microscopic world like never before with interactive biology content for grades K-12.

MERGE Cube required.

What Works Well

See five cell types and their components up close and take advantage of a built in study aid by using challenge mode to name each component.


  • Biological (Life) Sciences
  • Education


3d modeling, cellular, educational media, microscopic, protein, quizzing, rendering, simulation, study aid




Half Full Nelson

Level of Integration

Guidance Level 3
What does this mean?

The Level of Integration indicates how much the developer has connected the AR app with the real world environment.

For instance, a Level 1 AR app would bring a pre-created object or projection into the viewer’s space. A Level 2 AR app might incorporate a connection between object and physical surroundings, such as anchoring to a particular plane or surface. A Level 3 AR app would rely on several connections to the surroundings, including functional awareness of conditions in the space. A Level 4 AR app would employ increased awareness of conditions and real-time mapping of content onto the physical environment. And a Level 5 AR app would employ all of the above and allow for sophisticated real-time integration of real world and generated content.


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