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Everything starts with the math. Are you ready to see the third dimension of mathematics? Calcflow features intuitive ways for you to understand and share with your friends the complexities of three dimensional mathematical functions. Whether you want to edit our example functions or input your own, immerse yourself in beautiful graphs!

What Works Well

This app is a great way to visualize some of the more abstract mathematical concepts, especially when dealing with 3-dimensional math equations.


  • Physical Sciences & Mathematics


calculus, data visualization, engineering, educational media, math, physics



Level of Interactivity

What does this mean?

The Level of Interactivity indicates how many interactive features an experience has.

For instance, a Level 1 would be a more passive experience where you will be able to look around freely, but you will not be triggering or interacting with things in the environment.  A Level 2 will provide some level of interactivity but only very basically, such as being able to move between different scenes in the experience. A Level 3 will start to incorporate some more complex interactions using a remote or controller to trigger things within the scenes. A Level 4 would be a fully interactive experience but something you are still guided through. Finally, a Level 5 would be a fully interactive experience that gives you complete control of how to use it.


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Oculus Go

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