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360 Korean Temple Stay: Baekyangsa Temple in South Korea


Deep in the mountains of South Korea, the monks of Baekyangsa Temple are living a life of peace and tranquility. Learn ancient Buddhist traditions of meditation and how to cook like a monk unframed by #Gear360.

What Works Well

This video takes the viewer to a secluded mountain temple in western South Korea and invites them to observe daily life for its residents and many visitors first hand.


  • Humanities & Language
  • Social Sciences


baekyangsa, buddhism, cooking, country of focus, cultural awareness, educational media, food, history, naejangsan national park, monk, religion, south korea, temple, tourism, tradition


Now This

Level of Guidance

What does this mean?

The Level of Guidance indicates how much the creator has imbued the video with a sense of at what the viewer should be looking.

For instance, a Level 1 video would mean that the camera has been left in place while life happens around it, allowing you, as the viewer, to simply observe. A Level 2 video might incorporate subtle visual, textual or audible hints or simple transitions. A Level 3 video would rely on a handful of hints and transition. A Level 4 video would employ multiple hints and dialogue. And a Level 5 video would rely on all of the above as well as a narrative arc that pushes the viewer forward.

Another way of looking at this would be how much production went into the video if you are considering making one of your own like it.


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